CryEngine has been the engine that I’ve worked with primarily since getting serious about game design. In my early days when I was modding as a hobby I did some level design work with the MechWarrior 4 editor and MechCommander Gold editors although those projects are long lost. The tools and experience shown in CryEngine are extensive, what you’ll find explanations for below are the main tools I’ve used in creating the many projects I’ve undertaken over the years but there’s much much more to putting together a good level than what’s listed here.

Heightmaps- Terrain creation is a big part of level design and one area that I have many examples of, there is another section that is dedicated to terrain creation which can be found by following the link below.

Terrain Editing

Textures- Texturing is a big part of working in game design. As my main focus in game creation is level design I create all of my own terrain textures and any more I retexture every objects used in the scene/level to better fit the environment I’m creating.  For examples and more information on my texturing abilities check out the Photo Editing section below.

Photo Editing

Flowgraph editor/Scripting- This is what creates all the fun in a game. While the rest of level design makes the world appear immersive it’s the interactivity with the environment that make it feel real. A few examples are something as simple as switching the lights on and off, an AI’s patrol route, setting up the objective[s] your striving to successfully accomplish, prototyping out brand new mechanics or game modes, and so much more. The flowgraphing and scripting system can be a powerful tool, I have a project called ‘Rise of Kingdoms: Concept’ (RoK:C) which converts Crysis Wars’ first person shooter gameplay into a full featured real time strategy game using nothing but the flowgraphing system found in CryEngine. While using flowgraphs to accomplish this is far from ideal it was a way for me to master the system and highlight the power found in such a systems. And I must add; I love making a level ‘smart’!


Lighting- This is what can cosmetically make or break an otherwise great looking level, to me proper lighting is half of what makes a level look good. Adjusting lighting is one of my favorite things to work with and can also be one of the most challenging. Most of my completed projects have their own 24 hour day/night cycle tailored specific to that level’s needs- in the links below you’ll find flythroughs of some of my finished projects, all of which have a sped up day/night cycle that takes you from dawn until dusk in most cases so that you can get a taste of these cycles without having to load up a level and wait hours to see these gradual changes. I have many more projects with lighting cycles like those in the links below although I don’t have videos showcasing them.

To see the flythrough videos with their sped up lighting cycle just scroll down a bit to the first video in each section




Particles- These are what make a level come alive and I enjoy creating them immensely. In my many years of modding and game design experience I have created a huge amount of particles ranging from the simple glow bugs in the MW:LL Marshes level to Aurora Borealis found on Enkeledus to the huge volcanic eruptions found on Inferno and just about every other particle found on any of the levels I’ve been responsible for. I also have some lost projects which I created weapons Particles and spells for although there’s no documentation that shows I have ever created these kind of particles. While some of my older work uses premade sprites I now create all of my own sprites used in any of my levels- I’ve been making  a habit in recent projects to steer away from using anyone else’s textures on anything I make, which include sprites/Particles.

*I have plans to create a compilation video showcasing many of my particle effects in the near future- check back soon!


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