Photo Editing


When creating textures in photoshop I always open up my template first. Unless the starting texture is lower resolution to than 4096×4096 I most always do my main editing work in this resolution, I view it much like cutting wood; you can always make it smaller but you can’t make it larger. Below is a small example of the Layer format found in my template.

Here is one example of a terrain texture that I created for my ‘Windows of a Mind’ project. I will have more examples to come in the near future once I get more of this new part of this portfolio done.

For my ‘Windows of a Mind’ Project I need to make a high quality world map so I started this project. This won’t be done for some time as things like names and locations change in the game world and I’ll have to edit the map accordingly. This is just an example of another project that I have different phases of saved.

I haven’t done a ton of digital concept art but before my computer days I spent all my freetime drawing and have a few things to show for it. When I make characters I use photos of myself to get the general shape and work from there. Below is an example of the steps taken in creating one of the characters for the ‘Windows of a Mind’. It’s still a work in progress that will be done shortly, check back soon to see it finished.

While I use Genetica primarily for animated textures and CrazyBump for quick placeholder Parallax Occlusion Maps, Photoshop is the primary focus of this section, which is used in just about all of the projects that you’ll find in the ‘Game Projects’ section. What you won’t find in the ‘Game Projects’ section is how I organize my files, examples of individual textures, and explanations for what part these programs were used in any of these projects. Photoshop is also critical in the creation of greyscale heightmaps but that is discussed in its own section ‘Terrain Creation/Editing’ section of my software knowledge.


Terrain Editing

In the past I have made a few sets of tiling animated textures using Genetica although I don’t have any examples right now. I am currently working on a project that requires an animated texture that I will have an example up here of in the near future.





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