3d Art


I am a mid-level 3d artist. I am capable of creating and sculpting models, basic UVW unwrapping, and am great at texturing created models. I have created weapons and vehicles. Having done so much work in level design I have a very good vision/ability creating highly reusable/modular objects. I also have a basic understanding of how rigging and animation works but have not taken on any projects that put those skills to use. With Level Design and leadership positions being my strongest skill in game design I have learned all of the 3d skills necessary to populate any level with needed placeholder assets and the skills needed to create any of the usable objects such as vehicles and weapons that might be found in those levels. With the leadership positions I have filled I have great respect for the importance of efficient pipelines in the process of asset creation, level design and Game Design in general but more about that can be found in the ‘Non-Software/Program Skills’.

I created a Tron Light Bike mod that was to be a multiplayer Tron II Light Bike mod for Crysis 2 but due to having trouble making the light beam and other things taking priority and it has never been finished. I got the Light Bike drivable with a few different camera angles and got the Light beam partially finished as you’ll see in the video if you follow the link below.



Here are a few examples of a set of modular low poly objects that I was creating for ‘MechWarrior: Living Legends’ using CryEngine 2. Unfortunately the team stopped work on the project before I was able to get more done but I do have a few leftover sreenshots from 3dsMax and CryEngine.


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