Knowledge and Other Projects

Game Design Knowledge and Skillsets

This section highlights some of the main skills that I have as a Designer though there’s much more to it than knowing a few programs! There are many skills that are not listed here, these are just a few examples that show my capabilities. At the time of this writing I am now working to expand my knowledge in learning Unity, this is a subject that would get its own section in here but as I’m just getting started with it and there’s not much to show yet there’s no section for it. What you can expect to see in the not too distant future is a section on Unity5 along with documentation about the games I am making with it; I am using Unity5 to make a collection of mobile games and learning some about coding in C# which so far has been a lot of fun. I can’t wait to show you folks the things that are not yet in this section so stay tuned.



Photo Editing

3d Art

Terrain Editing


Other Projects below

I also do a number of other things outside of game design. I’ve built a couple solar panels and done a ceiling fan wind generator hack. As a hobby I am what they call a bedroom-DJ. I make compose original music, right now it’s mostly trance style but starting in May of 2014 I will be devoting a huge amount of time making new music and expanding my genres and style from just trance to my new favorite genre, dub-step/garage and a new style that I am unsure what to call but I can at least say it is to be a very relaxing that is like a mix of dub-step and Ambient.







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