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About Me

My name is Dustin Bledsoe, though I’m better known around the internet as ‘Sannyasi’. This is where you’ll find information, pictures, videos, music and many other things about who I am and the things I enjoy doing with my life. I consider myself an artist of many genres, I love creating things of all sorts. Below you’ll find a brief explanation of my history in each different section



Game Design

My game design history started around 2007. I had joined a Crysis multiplayer clan/team and a few of their members that I became friends with introduced me to the ‘CryEngine 2’ editor. I started making multiplayer levels as a hobby in my spare time but it was nothing I ever thought about seriously.

In 2008ish I heard about the ‘MechWarrior: Living Legends’ (MW:LL) mod. The MechWarrior/Battletech universe is one of my favorite game franchises so I followed it’s progress for a while and decided to apply for a level designer position. I was accepted and this is when I started learning more about how a group of game designers work together and about how a company might work, for a mod team this was ran in a manner unlike any other team that I’ve been on, it really felt like I was part of a studio working from home- it was a very professional operation, I’ve no doubt that’s a big reason for it’s success. In the midst of this project I realized ‘I’m in love’ with game design! I was and still am addicted to everything about creating great games from start to finish, my favorite part being environment design most of all though and so I started dedicating whole days to game design and I believe in 2012 I created the portfolio you see here now. The MW:LL project was officially released in December 2009 when it won the overall ‘mod of the year’ and also took the ‘multiplayer mod of the year’ title and had honorable mentions for two years after that since a previous winner isn’t eligible to win again and it was still very active and very popular. I am very proud to say I started and finished five official levels and played a role in helping finish another five levels that other designers started. Some of these levels featured different game modes which required even more work to convert them over, so in the end I had a part in well over a dozen levels for the project. Of the original five levels released with the first version of the game, and of which subsequently won the moddb awards, I was responsible for two levels from start to finish (Marshes/Inferno) and in a desperate last minute powerplay somehow took a broken Sandblasted and finished it- we took a big risk releasing Sandblasted, I made major changes to gameplay, tweaked many of the effects, tweaked lighting (back then you had to match LDR with the HDR lighting which added an axtra layer of difficulty to making it look right) and made many other cosmetic changes- none of this was tested when released and it proved to be the overall most popular level all through the life cycle of the whole project. The project was officially halted in January 2013 thanks to the new ‘MechWarrior: Online’ which saw our success and monetized it.

Another notable project that I created was the ‘Rise of Kingdoms: Concept’ (RoK:C)’ referred to as ‘Concept R.T.S.’ on this portfolio. I spent a little bit less than a year working on it on and off. It is a full feature Real Time Strategy modification for Crysis Wars. This project was originally started to master flowgraphing, which I had no experience with at the time. This was admittedly planned to be a simple project that took no more than a couple months but grew into a monster. In the end it was totally worth the extra time invested. The mod takes place on one very large level with five dynamically interacting objectives. You can complete these five objectives in any order but each objective effects the rest so depending on which order you complete them in the following objectives will play a little different which really increases the replayability of the game. If you make it from start to finish the game plays for probably an hour the first time. After completing the RTS version of the game I was messing around with the game just before release and decided to try the game without the mod in the regular Crysis First Person Shooter mode and it played surprisingly well. I realized that it would take hardly any extra work to make it back into the regular Crysis game mode so I spent a little over a week on it and released the mod with both the RTS strategy mode and the original FPS Crysis Wars game mode.

I have also very recently created a game titled ‘Falling Balls’ which was a game that I’d been talking about creating for years. It is a simple game where the player (a ball) falls and dodges random objects. The idea is to stay alive as long as possible while having to dodge more and more objects the longer you stay alive. Yes, I said I’d had this idea for years and it has very common, standard mechanics but if you ever play it you’ll see I had some original concepts that gives it a personality of it’s own and adds a lot of gameplay value. The original plan for this game was to be a simple PC only version to showcase my ability to prototype out game mechanics using the flowgraph system, which is ideal for testing to see if game ideas are good and play well. Sometimes ideas can sound great on paper but when you implement them they just don’t work. Being able to prototype out game modes like this helps determine if it’s worth investing what’s needed in properly coding a new idea and is a great way to give examples for coders to help make the final version exactly what was envisioned. I am still working on this project and should have already released this game- the CryEngine version of the game is finished besides adding some bells and whistles. Unfortunately since I’ve decided to expand the project I am delaying the CryEngine release until the expansion is also completed. Now, the reason for deciding to make this a bigger project is that all of my testers gave me such great positive feedback that I’m taking the next step. Instead of only showcasing my ability to prototype out a game idea I’ve had for a while I am going much further by also rebuilding the game using Unity and releasing it for mobile devices for 50 cents or a dollar a copy. Since I’m learning a whole new engine and will already have some basic mechanics with this game that can be tweaked to create many different games I will be making an entire collection of mobile games that will play on at the very least, Android devices and PC, I am unsure yet but I will also be looking into releasing the collection on PS4, XboxOne and iOS devises. This project was only suppose to be a ‘show piece’ for this portfolio and resume but thanks to my testers has perhaps planted the seed needed to not only add a whole new engine branch to this page but may also grow into an income source that funds a game company!

Those smaller mobile games I’m working on will hopefully provide the fuel needed to power my first large game idea. Call me weird but since I first played the orignal PlayStation version of ‘Final Fantasy VII’ I came up with my own set of characters, built a world for them to live in and an adventure that those characters to live through, but I never thought that it would be more than a fantasy or day dream. Then, as you have read above I ended up getting into game design by chance, I had never even considered game design a realistic career aspiration (though I honestly don’t know why looking back now!), but the more I got into modding the more I realized that game design is going to be my career and though things change, I don’t foresee ever retiring either because I love it so much, and that’s one of the things that I think makes me a great designer. So now that I work obsessively on game design related projects with most of my freetime I have inevitably changed my lifetime daydream story and made an RPG of it as a side project called ‘Windows of a Mind’ that I won’t say much about now, but I’ve already dumped hundreds and perhaps even thousands of hours into. Right now I am devoting most of my time toward the smaller Unity games in hopes that those will provide the monetary income needed so that I can devote more of my personal time towards this game and even hire some help with it.

I’m also part of a team called ‘Transient Light Studio’. I’ve been working with them for about four years (at the time of the writing) as the Lead Level Designer, though I do a lot more than just level design work, in this and all game projects I’m more of an ‘Engine Generalist’ thanks to my extensive history with the engine. We are a team of about a dozen people though that’s not an exact count. For the past year and a half or so we have been working on an indie survival horror game similar to ‘Amnesia’ which is moving along very nicely, during our time on it we’ve made clear steady advancements towards the end goals and things are really coming together. I can’t say much more than that about the project until we get more done, but I can say it’s the most promising group project I’ve been a part of since joining the ‘MW:LL’ team back in 2008 (In other words, this team is going somewhere!). I can’t wait until our team can ‘come out of the shadows’ and announce our project to the world!

So as of late October 2015 that’s the super shortened version of my game design history. I am a busy person and this only tells the most vital information to where I came from and where I’m going. I’ve also got dozens of other game ideas that I want to pursue and that’s one of the things I love about game design, even with all the money in the world I could never make all my ideas into reality, I am simply overflowing with game ideas. Another reason that game design is my permanent  career choice is because it’s a mix of art, math and problem solving in the same package, I love creating things and coming up with clever solutions to tricky problems. The art thing goes far beyond game design, I love drawing, writing, making music, and designing just about everything including things like interior design, clothing, furniture, architecture/floorplan concepts, and loving to design anything/everything is a compliment to game design, I can make digital versions of these things in my games and when it comes to designing say, my dream home like I already have in the editor- I first envisioned it and then made a 3d version of it . When I was growing up I exclusively watched the discover and history channel (before reality TV ruined them) and I just loved learning about things in general, something you wouldn’t think of right up front is that when making realistic games the more educated you are about your subject matter the better your game will turn out which means that you never ever stop learning about the world you live in and even when making futuristic sci-fi things or fantasy things there’s a certain level of realism and research that may go into those as well, for example in a lord of the rings fantasy game you still want realistic functioning catapults so you research around about catapults. A perfect example of how knowing your subject matter is important is that if you’re making a realistic outdoors level you need to research what kind of vegetation grows in your area, what kind of rocks are most common, you don’t usually find Palm trees in Siberia or Pine trees in a rain forest. another example is I recently built an underground nuclear power plant, for this I had to learn about how power plants functioned in general, then learned how nuclear power was used to get the turbine spinning, then had to learn about what kind of nuclear tech they had at the end of World War 2, and so on and so forth. As a result of researching this I came up with a very realistic, very interesting floor plan for one of the projects for ‘Tansient Light Studio’. The point is, continued education is a pretty big thing in order to make your projects the best they can be and I love learning new things about the world in general.

So if this big long ‘about me’ section hasn’t made it clear, I love making games and am dedicated to quality. Game Design is my ultimate passion in life and if you like the work you find here please contact me using the information at the top of the page!




I have always liked trance, dub step, techno, house, ambient and many other types of electronic music a bit more than other types of more common music (I do love most all music though!). Around the age of 18 (2003ish) I started learning how to mess with music as a hobby using ‘Sony Acid’ to arrange loops creating music. As I learned more I eventually started using ‘FL Studio’ to make my own sounds for the songs I composed. After I became more comfortable with this method I started branching out and learning new software such as Ableton which I now use for live DJ performances and my now favorite program, ‘Propellerhead Reason’ for composing new music from scratch. Right now I just make music as a hobby when I feel inspired and have the free time but I would love to produce music for a living professionally. If anyone would like to sign me on for a contract I would love to be paid to finish a whole album, contact information is above. For now I have a have my good songs in the Sound Design/Music section with free .mp3 downloads for them all!




Other stuff

There’s a few other things here such as photography and concept art but these are all smaller chunks of the portfolio which I still enjoy working on but just haven’t had the time to expand into a full section yet. I hope you enjoy everything you find here!




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